The Conference
Social Media is fast becoming an effective marketing and communications tool for businesses, which are constantly coming up with new ways
to reach their target market. Social networks allow people to collaborate and communicate at almost zero cost.

TAG Media and Public Relations will present speakers who are leaders from different industries and engaged in momentous pursuits of
significance to the ASEAN region. Attendees are senior business people, high-ranking government officials and media journalists and

•    Digital Marketing Landscape in Asia and beyond
•    E-Commerce in the Philippines and beyond
•    The Power of Digital Media
•    The Key to Powerful Creative Campaigns Online
•    Breaking down the challenges of running a Multi-Country Business: How to successfully expand across the Region by using the right technology
•    The digital talent acquisition
•    The digital tourism
•    The rise of mobile marketing using smart phones
•    Faster connection, faster expansion: Reach your clients faster

The Expo
We are expecting an influx of visitors on the event and more exhibitors
from different industries: Hotels & Resorts, Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Tourism, Automotive, Hospitality, Business Process
Outsourcing, Academe, Health, Information Technology, Food and Service to showcase their products and services and to give you gigantic
discounts from their packages.

The exhibition floor is FREE to all to encourage target clients to visit the booths with a “Stamp Card” so that each booth will be visited.
With the complete stamps, the visitors can claim after their loot bag at the reception. This is to help the exhibitors to reach all participants
and their target clients.

Why Sponsor?
•    Gain Direct Access to Potential Clients during and after the event
•    Address the delegates as a Key Speaker
•    Branding opportunity
•    Profile Yourself As An Industry Leader
•    Enhance Your Corporate Image
•    Enjoy extensive publicity
•    Learn from the speakers
•    Increase revenue from the sales generated from the expo